Albuquerque on TV

I am bummed that two of the shows I like are ending in 2012 and they both also happen to take place in Albuquerque, New Mexico – a place I adore.

In Plain Sight already ended in May.  The show was on USA and centered around two U.S. Marshals who worked for the Witness Protection Program.  I watched it mostly for its location, dialogue, and the relationship between the characters.

The other show is Breaking Bad, easily one of the most well written shows on television at this time.  (I am a self-professed snob when it comes to writing.) AMC will premiere the first half of the final season in less than two weeks, but the second half is scheduled to air July of next year.

To give you an idea how much I adore the landscape, food, and culture in New Mexico:  my husband and I honeymooned in Albuquerque (a tedious story starting with me mostly wanting to see the crater).  We also visited Jemez and Acoma Sky City during our trip.