The “thigh scene” in the new Bond movie

At least two other women I know were as inspired by the thigh scene in the new James Bond movie as I was so I have determined it is worth writing about.

First, we have Javier Bardem who is gifted at playing psychos. He memorably plays one type of psycho in No Country for Old Men and now a completely different type of psycho in Skyfall; the latter performance definitely tips its hat to Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight.  Second, a moment on Daniel Craig’s physique: I have been enthralled with the muscular symmetry of his frame since Casino Royale (well actually since the scene in Tomb Raider where he is just-out-of-the-shower nude down to his GI Joe hip holsters, opposite a fully clothed Angelina Jolie).

During the scene in which Craig as 007 and Bardem as his villain first meet, Bond is tied to a chair. We are instantly reminded of the torture scene from Casino Royale in which he was also bound to a chair and both scenes are clearly laced with homoeroticism. We know that the filmmakers are intentionally referencing the torture scene in Casino Royale and its homoeroticism and they know we know it. This is where it gets tricky and wonderful: Bardem’s villain also seems to reference the torture scene here and Bond knows it, Silva knows that Bond knows, and Bond knows that Silva knows he knows. It’s as if we are all in on the joke and yet we are still enjoying it – immensely so, and likely because of the very fact that we are all party to it. This transparency creates a brief, suspended space where the humor and the eroticism are so delicate, so light and so exquisite that it is almost excruciating. Then we get the sheer delectable visual of Bardem’s heavy-boned hands stroking Craig’s compact, impeccably-suited thighs and our heads feel like they are going to pop off from unbearable glee. Mercifully, we are brought back by Bond’s formal British accent when he asks, “What makes you think it’s my first time?”